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When using the church facilities, your group is expected to make sure that the church is cleaned up after your activity. If you use the auditorium, no red drinks are allowed. Please check the bathrooms and make sure they are picked up and clean, the front glass door is wiped off, trash is taken out, chairs and tables returned back to the normal place, air and lights turned off and doors locked. The vacuum is located in the closet going to the basement. There will be a $25.00 deposit that we will collect and return after the use of the church. I have read the Faith Church Member and Non-Member guidelines for my specific event and agree to comply with all. See Articles of Faith. *I/We do not hold Faith Church responsible for any event not hosted by Faith Church. This includes injuries, loss of items or misconduct. Filling out this form does not guarantee your date or approval. Please check with the office within a week to see if it is approved.
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