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Foundations is a basic discipleship/ministry training course that walks through the fundamentals of Gospel centered life and ministry. The course is periodically offered live at Faith Church, but recorded sessions are also available here. Click the link below to access/download the PDF file for the course notes:

Course Notes


Session 1 - The Problem and the Solution

In this session, we will take at look at the four components of the Gospel from a 30,000 foot view. From there, we will discover how this one grand story of redemption impacts every area of our lives and how it contributes to our growth as followers of Christ.

Session 2 - The Story

In session two, we will zoom in from our 30,000 foot view to the story of the Scriptures. The purpose of this session is simple: to give us an overarching view of the narrative of scriptures that help us understand the History of God's people, God's purposes, and God's plan in playing out the grand narrative of the Gospel.

Session 3 - The Student

How do we become a people of the Story? By studying the Bible as our guide for all of life and ministry. In this session we will dive into practical tips and hints for studying this story in light of history, context, and the metanarrative of Scripture.

Session 4- The Church

What is the Church? Is it a group of people? Is it a building? Is it simply a non profit organization created to better a society? Or is it something far more beautiful? Find out in session four of Foundations!

Session 5 - The Servant

In this session, we will dive into what it looks like to be a "leader" in the body of Christ by dissecting four calls on believers' lives: salvation, discipleship, service, and leadership (multiplication).

Session 6 - The Design

In this session, we will look at how the creation account points us towards God's good design in regards to the roles of men and women in the church

Session 7 - The Spirit

The question many pose when it comes to the Holy Spirit is this: "What is it?" In our final session of Foundations, we will discuss the error in this question and discuss who the Holy Spirit is, and what He does: both in the world and in His people.