Any person associated with Faith Church who wishes to schedule an activity, will need to fill out a “Facility Request” form. This form is online at www.yourfaithchurch.com/facilities-request. Once filled out it can be submitted.  A member of the staff will review and approve.  Upon approval, a staff member will make contact and confirm the reservation.  Fees related to facility use are on the web; below are the various fee guidelines. Approval of events are subject to the Articles of Faith.

Weddings:  All Weddings are considered Christian Worship Services.  Only Faith Church members may use any Faith Church facilities for their wedding and/or wedding shower.  The facilities will not be rented to any outside parties or any non-members of Faith Church.

Deposit: 75$ (deposit will be returned to you as long as the guidelines are followed and there is no damage to anything within the facilities, nothing broken or damaged. (Deposit can be waived according to circumstances by member of leadership or staff.)

*NOTE: You must return all tables and chairs back to their original places. 

Sound Tech Fee:  To be decided upon graciously by you. Please do not remove cords, unplug any lighting, technology or electronics for your wedding.  If you need such things done you will need to seek the help of the tech person in charge before doing so.

Pastor Fee: To be decided graciously by you.

Sporting events, practices, conferences, or other non ministry related events will be charged a one time 75$ fee.

The following events are free for members. Availability is determined on a first come
first served basis according to the calendar and at the discretion of church staff.

- Birthdays

- Anniversaries

- Other non-specified events