Faith Church Residency is a relational, theological, and practical ministry training program. This program is designed to accomplish four purposes in the life of someone pursuing Gospel ministry:

- Personal Development
- Leadership
- Theology
- Skills Development

- Community
- Mentoring
- Teamwork
- Worship

- Leaders
- Ministries
- Community/City
- Partners

- Make Disciples
- Develop Leaders
- Serve the Church

Details of the Program


This residency program allows in-depth theological training, leadership development, and discipleship to occur in a holistic manner in the life of a follower of Jesus. Interns will work alongside the Faith Church staff, leadership team, ministry volunteers, and community leaders in Valley Center and Wichita KS.


Anyone interested in pursuing ministry vocationally or simply in a deeper way as a church member. We currently are accepting applicants in these areas: Preaching/Teaching, Worship, Youth, Children’s, Outreach


The residency is a year long program. We will take applications starting September 2018, and will look to bring on a resident(s) early Spring 2019. Residents will dedicate 20-25 hours per week in classes, training, serving and working in ministries related to Faith Church and also in our community. Residents will be required to be present on Mondays from 9:00am-12:00pm for our weekly staff meeting, and at all Sunday and Wednesday gatherings. They will also need to schedule time throughout the week to serve their specific ministry.


Faith Church Residency is a paid program. You will be considered part time staff and will receive $15,000 salary.

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