Why Tell Stories?

The gospel of Jesus changes hearts and lives. It may be something radical, like Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, or it may be a slow, gradual awakening. Whatever the case, we tell these stories to
show pictures of the bigger story of what God is doing
in the lives of people at Faith Church through the transforming
power of the Gospel.

After coming to Christ as a child, Amber decided to do life her own way. She pursued relationships outside of her relationship with Jesus and found herself a single mom, on the cusp of multiple broken marriages. After making the decision to pursue the one man who would never let her down, God brought along a man who loved Jesus and loved her as well, and now she and her husband are living and pursuing Jesus... being used by God in His mission.

In 1995, Bryan was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and seven years later things took a turn for the worse. Bryan went to sleep and stopped breathing. God intervened and miraculously, he recovered and awoke seven days later. Upon recovery, he received news that he would only live four to twelve months, but Jesus had other plans. Laying in a hospital bed, Bryan gave his life to Christ and a decade later, he is living on mission to bring glory to God.

After years of chasing substances to fulfill the void in his heart, Luke came to the realization that something was broken and he was in desperate need of a change. Through a process of many years, Jesus got ahold of his heart and everything changed. Now, he sees his life in a completely different light. He wants to impact generations using his story of transformation to point to the goodness and grace of Jesus.